The Solitary Old Age

Obscured from the company, 
Shrouded by the four corners, 
Behold the Pantaloon— 
Semblances the bitter truth, 
which life has showered upon him.

Eclipsed from his grandchildren, 
With thoughts of both sweet and bitter fancy, 
Behold the Pantaloon— 
Bearing his heart as much high as he can,
which weighs down his knees. 

Embracing every trauma, 
Which the life bestows upon him, 
Behold the Pantaloon— 
With his foggy eyes, 
Which inclines more to see. 

Justifying his spouse, 
Who was ease to leave, 
Bequeathing  all the memoirs, 
Which ought to be oblivion, 
Behold the Pantaloon— 
Clinging to all those residues, 
That shall take him right. 

Waiting for the Death aghast, 
Who is eager to take him to his limbs, 
With his body perished and Soul touching Eternity, 
Behold the Pantaloon— 
With light brimming tears, 
Backs into the state of permanent slumber. 

By:Simran Smiley

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